Facebook Networks Analysis

Isfahan University of Technology, Physics Department, May 2014

In this project we analyze 8 Facebook networks. The data of these networks was generated by NetVizz app in Facebook and the analysis was performed by Gephi. We study the structure of these networks: Average Degree, Graph Density, Diameter, Average Path Pength, Number of Shortest Paths, Modularity, Number of Communities, Average Clustering Coef, Total Triangles, Degree distribution, Betweenness Centrality distribution, Closeness Centrality distribution, Eccentricity distribution, Visualization, Communities size distribution and Scale-Free behaviour.

Networks Type: page like network, like network, personal friend network, group,

This project was done as the final project of "Advanced Statistical Mechanics 2" course with Dr. Farhad Shahbazi at Isfahan University of Technology - Spring 2014

Software: Gephi, NetVizz (facebook app)

The peresentation is available in slideshare.com: http://www.slideshare.net/MojtabaKhodadadi/facebook-networks-analysis