Electronic Library (eLibrary)

Isfahan University of Technology, IT Center, January 2007 - December 2010

When I was Java developer in IT Center of Isfahan University of Technology, I was designing, Implementing and then developing an electronic library (named eLibrary) that is written in java language, object-oriented and web-based. eLibrary is based on J2EE, J2SE and Java technology such as Servlet, JSP, JDBC, Swing & JavaMail.

eLibrary enables users to search the profiles (metadata such as title, authors, ISBN, publisher, year, ...) of several thousands ebooks and eventually view the specific ebook that they are looking for. Technically eLibrary consists of both desktop and web applications. In desktop part ''eBook Scanner'' is responsible for scanning specific hard drive to discover ebooks, reading their metadatas and storing them in database. In web part "eBook Search" and "eBook Treeview" enables users to search in metadata and subject (treeview display) respectively. Some other applications was designed for managing this system in both part desktop and web. eLibrary was designed for faculty members and students of university to focus on research and get ebooks in one click. eLibrary was sold to 2 university (Tafresh University and Islamic Azad University of Majlesi) ‎each payed 8000$.

Programming languages: Java, Javascript

Technologies: Servlet, JSP, JDBC, Swing, JavaMail, Ajax

Database: MySQL