Electronic Content Management System (eCMS)

Electronic Content Management System (eCMS) is a research project which its important task is extraction metadata such as title, authors, ISBN, publisher, year, ... from ebook files (pdf, djvu, djv, epub, mobi, ...). ‎eCMS can extract metadata from ebook files and check them with LoC website for validity then stores these information in database in order to use by eLibrary. It also extracts covers from ebooks and use Tesseract OCR technology for scanned ebooks.

Grant & Certification:

  • Isfahan Science & Technology Town (ISTT) Reseach Grant, Isfahan, Iran, 2011.
  • Isfahan Science & Technology Town (ISTT) Accomplishment Certification, Isfahan, Iran, 2013


  • Programming Languages: Java.
  • Programming Design: Object Oriented Programming, Socket Programming, Multithreaded Programming.
  • Technologies & Frameworks: PDFBox, iText, PDFRenderer, ICEpdf, Ghost4J, JavaDJVU, Swing, Java Sockets, JCF, NIO, J4L OCR, RegEx, Log4j, JDBC.
  • Database: MySQL.